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tailor-made to each individual

CREATIVE - you might have always wanted to write a book or play, fiction, memoir, short story and want to find a way to get started and keep going until it is completed. You will be enabled to develop regular practices to make steady progress,  guided through the different stages from raw drafts to editing and help frame deadlines and targets.

PROFESSIONAL - you may find writing reports, proposals, appraisals, synopses, critiques etc. a strain or chore and want a way to face the blank page with ease, develop a can-do sense of confidence, be adept and nimble and writing fit. Enjoyment and fluidity are keys to well-being at work and the approaches and tools offered here are adaptable and flexible, promoting renewed vigour.

PERSONAL & LEISURE - writing can be a way to reflect on experience and challenges, open up new perspectives. Developing methods of reflective journaling, everyday playfulness and creative self-expression entirely for its own sake rather than for any kind of outcome, writing can enhance your sense of presence and well-being.




3 TO 8 

Shared and different interests can inform one another by opening up new perspectives.

Writing with friends or partners - enables you to learn more about your own voice whilst also receiving another’s perspective.

Writing for reading groups – have a go at writing creatively in response to stories and characters. Experience how reading can engage you actively too.

Professionals – promoting playfulness and imaginative exercises together brings new dimensions to team-work whilst enhancing personal writing skills at the same time.